Gøje Rostrup (b. 1964 in Copenhagen) is a stage designer and visual artist.


Gøje has worked as a successful costume and stage designer since graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design in 1988. She also exhibits her work as a visual and conceptual artist.


Gøje’s artistic endeavours are a place for her to freely research and delve into the human condition and our questions of alienation and belonging. In the exploration of ideas through art, Gøje seeks to constantly deepen the level of intellectual and visceral consciousness in her work, thus regularly leading her independent refuge as an artist to instruct her subsequent designs for the stage. In this existential and philosophical vein, much of Gøje’s work revolves around the ‘figure in space’. Through all of her work she probes the metaphysical questions relating to the physical and psychological spaces we inhabit.


Gøje Rostrup’s career in the theatre has consisted of both large- and small-scale productions. She enjoys both, as they each have their own challenges and freedoms to examine the idea of ‘somebody in someplace’, as well as variety in their aesthetic and artistic opportunities. Gøje works in all genres, from classical plays to modern realism, cabaret, musical theatre, children’s plays and opera.


Recently, she has created several sets and costumes for the opera, amongst these, two open-air operas (Opera Hedeland and SlotsOpera). Opera suits Gøje’s visual universe well: the artifice, the surreal and strangeness that an opera production can be, is yet another forum for her to reconnoitre the connection between the material, story and staging -making everything reach an aesthetic and metaphysical crescendo.


Gøje also works on her own productions. In the autumn of 2018 she is staging a dance performance, “Peculiar Noises” at Copenhagen’s “Dansekapellet”, where sound effects are worked into the costumes and, as a result, are essential to the play. The subtext to the performance is communication, tolerance and the differences in how we express ourselves.


Gøje is connected to several institutions as a guest lecturer, amongst them The Danish National School of Performing Arts.


She is the daughter of the late stage designer, Claus Rostrup with whom she has collaborated on many occasions.


In recent years Gøje has been connected to a diverse group of theatres, amongst them: Grønnegårds Teatret, Vendsyssel Teater, Bellevue Teatret, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater in Germany, Rogaland Teater in Norway, The Royal Danish Theatre, Den Jyske Opera/Danish National Opera, Opera Hedeland, Den Fynske Opera, Teater V, Dansekapellet, Folketeatret, Aalborg Teater, Teater Grob, Uppercut Danseteater and SlotsOpera/Operaen i Svendborg.